Software Solutions That Improve Online Classroom Communication

One of the biggest challenges of  teaching online is effective communication. Your employee may not understand what you are trying to communicate or may misinterpret your message as being condescending. Also, given the fact that different employees learn using different methods, using multifaceted virtual classroom solutions can make communication more effective. 

Online Whiteboards

Online whiteboards are one of the most effective tools for educating employees. They allow for the use of visual and auditory elements to help cater to employees of different learning styles. Some employees are better able to understand a concept if it is a visual, while others understand a concept when explained to them verbally. 

Mind Mapping

When your employees need to brainstorm, using an online mind mapping software program can help your employee understand how ideas are connected. This can be useful when training corporate employees to come up with novel ways to solve problems. Also, you may need to understand how your employees are understanding certain concepts and why their inability to understand concepts is affecting comprehension.


Surveys are also useful tools for finding out what employees are thinking. You may ask a question using one of several survey apps and your employees will feel less shy reporting their real feelings. For instance, you could use a survey to find out how your employees solve a specific problem in the workplace.

Collaborative Tools

Any program that allows multiple individuals to work on a single document is an invaluable collaborative tool. By working together, employees are able to see a problem from multiple angles. For instance, if you are trying to teach employees how to write a certain type of report, you may have multiple employees collaborate on creating the ideal version of such a report.

Other tools that can allow for collaboration include blogging software, Wikispaces and virtual walls where any employee can post information. Rather than try to predict which tools employees will use, consider using multiple tools and see which tool they gravitate toward.

Notification And Alert Systems

Any tool that allows for an instructor to share information can be invaluable when communicating. Sometimes, miscommunication simply results from employees failing to receive an initial message or forgetting the original message. Fortunately, there are programs that allow you to release an announcement, set tasks and send reminders. These tools make it much easier to stay on-top of employee training while simultaneously managing other business responsibilities.

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