Private School Selection Tips

A child's education can open opportunities for them in the world or prevent them from reaching their potential. If you're sure that you want a private school for your child, observe these selection suggestions before completing an application.

Be Honest About Your Child's Abilities

Many private schools meet the needs of students with different levels of scholastic ability. However, it's important that you, as the parent, are honest about your child's abilities before deciding on a particular school. If most of the students have a grade point average which far exceeds that of your own child, for instance, there may be an urge to apply anyway and hope that their performance will vastly improve once they begin. However, that's a lot of pressure for your child, and the school may disagree. You may want to explore other schools instead.

Be Practical

The private schools in your area may not offer buses or other modes of transportation. A commitment on your part may be needed for pickups, dropoffs and other tasks. The school you like best could be located an hour away from the house but you might be committed to that particular school. However, be aware that your decisions regarding private school must make sense for your family in order to allow your student to thrive. Getting up too early to travel long distances or adjusting everyone's life to accommodate a private school may not be practical and it could affect the way your child and your family feel about the entire experience.

Research Culture

Is a certain school known for a cutthroat atmosphere full of students who are fixated on Ivy League colleges? Does another school only seem to admit those who are wealthy and well-connected? The culture, or feel, of a private school can be as important as the institution's academic track record. Realize that a school which doesn't resonate with your own values and your child's personality may not be right.  

Talk with Your Child

Regardless of your own hopes for your young child, they have dreams for themselves too. They are the student which will need to earn grades and sit in the building most months of the year. Don't ignore their impulses, feelings or statements about the schools you visit. Encourage them to discuss their impressions and work with them to find a school you both like.

Once your family is satisfied that they have enough information, help your child navigate the application process to the private schools you've selected. Soon their new education will start.

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