Uncertain About A Teaching Career? Consider Classroom Observation

Stress can often derail a person's promising teaching career and make it more difficult for them to succeed. However, classroom observation can help a person better understand these stressors and decide if this is the job for them.

Stress Can Derail A Great Teaching Career

Teaching is not a simple or a stress-free job. Many teachers suffer from high levels of stress because of poorly behaving students, difficult teaching situations, and even the fear of violence. As a result, stress may cause a potentially great teacher to either drop out of their career or to stall out and lose their passion for the position.

The best way to avoid this danger is to understand what traits make up a high-quality teacher. In this way, you can know whether or not you meet these standards. Not everyone is cut out to be a teacher, particularly those who lack certain essential personality traits.

Traits That Make Up A Good Teacher

Good teachers are patient, kind, and good communicators. These skills are essential for understanding the difficulties or a child's learning experience and for helping to educate them. It is also crucial for teachers to have the ability to relax and avoid excessive stress in their position. More teachers fail because of stress than any other influence.

Now, most people who want to be a teacher are likely saying that they meet all of these personality traits, and there is a good chance that they do meet these high quality standards. However, the only way to know for sure is to observe a classroom and see the kind of energy flow and stressors a typical day on the job will throw at you.

How Classroom Observation Can Help

Those who are interested in becoming a teacher, but who fear they may not be right for the job, should use classroom observation as their guide. This method of learning lets a person sit in on a classroom and learn how it operates. They can get an idea of how stressful it is to teach and learn ways that teachers manage the stress of the position.

Some observation types allow these observers to interact with the children and help them with their lessons. Others require a person to stay passive and simply observe. Whatever type you consider, there are many benefits to this method. It has become a particularly popular way for teachers to get their feet wet in a tough and challenging environment.

So don't hesitate to reach out to a school near you and ask about classroom observation. Some of these schools require you to fill out a form to indicate what you learned and how you plan on using it in your classroom. These forms are beneficial because they force you to synthesizer the information you've learned.

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