Slow Database? Cut Down On Resource Use With A Few Design Changes

Database efficiency is a constant challenge of making every call, every reference, every request for information of any kind as quick as possible. Unfortunately, not all databases are built the same. Some are hobby projects with a mask of business professionalism because of how limited tech professionals were in past decades, while others may not have been maintained since the original administrator worked on the system. Here are a few tasks that can make your Access database more efficient, short of starting over from scratch.

Subdatasheet Scrubbing

When an Access is created, it displayed subdatasheets by related tables unless you disable the options or remove the displays after the database is compiled and presented.

These sheets are important for troubleshooting and looking for deeper relationships. They're pretty much just for the database administration and management team in order to figure out which data points are related. For example, if you have an object with a specific price, there may be multiple objects that add up to that price, then multiple places where the final place is displayed.

It's interesting and can be helpful, but there's no reason for subdatasheets to be up all of the time. Their existence--loading these datasheets in general--is a task that takes up processing time whenever data is pulled and put into a display. Cut out the subdatasheets and you'll cut down on computing time.

Cut Down On Graphics Size

When you visit a website, all of the text, images, video, and audio need to be downloaded. A slow internet connection may struggle to complete the website, while faster connections can load the website with no problem.

Databases have the same issue, but a high speed database computer is more of a problem to maintain than simply buying faster internet. Unless you have resources like SuperNAP, Google, Disney, Microsoft, Gainax, or other major company's assets, you probably don't have a database server that can afford superfluous graphics.

The issue here is embedded the graphics as part of the database. This means that the database becomes a server, and must send big graphics files every time the database is accessed. Since graphics are a part of the database, it doesn't mean just dealing with a slow-loading picture; the entire portion of the database that includes the graphics will take longer to load.

Instead of embedding images, embed links to those images. The images don't need to load, and if people want to see them, it's their internet or general network resources that need to be loaded. The database will still load with a link to the image, and the image can be loaded later without nearly as much burden on the database.

Contact a team of Microsoft Access consultants to get help with these tasks, and to discover other efficient ways to speed up your database.

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